Tuesday 6 September 2016 – Some old curious photos discovered when checking old CD backups


Creepy ceramic faces and tiles on a wall in Norton Priory back in about 2006. The Priory, near Runcorn, has recently reopened after restoration work.


A ladybird “nest”, I think, and a mosaic of several photos of the radio telescope at Jodrell Bank where I found it, around about 2006 or 2007.


Wild mushrooms in a field somewhere. I’ve forgotten where this was taken, but was probably around mid 2000s.


Thursday 14 July 2016 – Azamara Quest cruise ship at Liverpool


The Azamara Quest was in Liverpool for the day on a transit. The cruise ship, operated by Amazara Club Cruises since 2007 is approximately 181m long, 26m wide, has 11 decks and can carry nearly 700 passengers and a crew of 408. Like many other cruise ships she has operated under several names and owners since she was launched in 2000. Between 2000-2003 she was called R Seven and was operated by Renaissance Cruises. From 2003 to 2006 she was called Delphin Renaissance, and operated by Delphin Seereisen.  Between 2006-2007 she was the Blue Moon, operated by Pullmantur Cruises. She has been the Azamara Quest since 2007.




Wednesday 13 July 2016 – MS Braemar at Liverpool Cruise Liner Terminal

The MS Braemar has visited Liverpool before but today was the first time I managed to get some photos of her berthed at the city’s Cruise Liner Terminal. Some photos are below, you can find more on my FLICKR site. You can see photos of other ships to have visited Liverpool in a collection I’ve put together on my FLICKR  site.


The MS Braemar was built in 1993 and has been in the hands of  four different operators since then. The vessel, which is approximately 196m long by 23m wide, having been stretched by the addition of a middle section by her current owners, the Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines. . Before Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines bought her she was operated by the Crown Cruise Line between 1993 and 1997  under the  names: Crown Dynasty and  Cunard Crown Dynasty. The Cunard name was used as Cunard had signed an agreement with Crown Cruise Line to manage marketing, sales and reservations. In 1997 she was known as Crown Majesty and was operated by Majesty Cruise Line. They only owned her for a few months and the Crown Majesty was transferred to the Norwegian Cruise Line and became the Norwegian Dynasty.  In 1999 she returned back to Crown Cruise Line and reverted to Crown Dynasty. They operated her until she was sold to Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines in 2001 and finally became the Braemar.


The Braemar is only in Liverpool on transit so will leave this evening. Another ship, the  Azamara Quest, operated by Azamara Club Cruises, will be in Liverpool tomorrow and the Celebrity Silhouette, operated by Celebrity Cruises, will be in the Mersey on Monday 18th.


Above: The Azamara Quest and Celebrity Silhouette (not my photos)



Friday 1 July 2016 – Trying out my new Nikon camera

I spent today dodging the rain on Merseyside to take some photos with my new camera. Some are below.  You can see more of my photos on Flikr


Dark clouds and the MV Boudicca (Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines) at the Liverpool Cruise Liner Terminal.


The MV Boudicca and the Memorial to the Heroes of the Engine Room




Three Graces at Liverpool Pier Head – Royal Liver Building, Cunard Building & the Port of Liverpool (Dock) Building. The Cunard Building celebrates its 100th anniversary on Sunday.


Hamilton Square, Birkenhead: Hamilton Square Station, Birkenhead Town Hall, Birkenhead Cenotaph.


The Liver Birds on the Liver Building photographed from a mile away across the river at Woodside. A pigeon is unperturbed by the camera.


The Liverpool waterfront seen from Woodside. A composite shot of 9 individual photos.


Detail on Liverpool Cenotaph, St George’s Plateau. Today is the 100th anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Somme