Saturday 22 July 2017 – Liverpool’s Brouhaha International Carnival moves to Sefton Park

The Liverpool Brouhaha International Carnival, sometimes known  as the Carnival Parade Through Toxteth, has moved this year from it’s usual route along Catharine Street, Princes Avenue and Derbyshire Road into Princes Park to nearby Sefton Park, with it’s start point being the Palm House.  I was disappointed that it has moved as its usual route goes right past my house which makes it easy to follow.  I was doubly disappointed this year because my health problems have restricted the amount of walking I can do.  The Palm House (pictured below left) at Sefton Park is a good 40 minute walk from mine, so I ended up getting a couple of local buses to as close to near Mossley Hill Hospital, which is a 10 minute walk from the Palm House.  That helped, but I still had a painful walk back to the bus stop after videoing and photographing the parade.  Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to miss the parade if at all possible.  I have photographed it every year since 2006, having moved to Liverpool from New Brighton at the end of 2005.  This year is the 12th year running I’ve watched the parade, so it has become quite a personal tradition.


I normally take loads of photos and videos prior to the parade as the participants mingle and prepare.  However, this year they were all gathered inside the Palm House grounds and entry was pass-restricted.  Fortunately, most of the participants began to come out of the Palm House long before the parade was due to begin at 12.30 and I was able to capture some pre-parade moments.  The parade worked its way across the park from the Palm House, passing the statue of Eros before doing a  180-degree turn and headed back up towards the Palm House, though the parade ended before reaching the Palm House itself.  As always there were the drum bands and various floats and dancers.  The parade didn’t seem as large as usual, but this may have been as it seemed more spread out in the more open confines of the park than it normally seems on its road route in previous years.


The official reason for the move to Sefton Park was a financial over with the cost of road closures.  However, the carnival fitted in well with the Liverpool International Music Festival which is also taking place in Sefton Park this weekend.  The Carnival skirted the edge of music festival before heading back towards the Palm House, and many of those watching the Carnival were perhaps only in the park for the music festival so this may have increased the numbers watching the Carnival.  Again it was difficult to judge numbers as on its road route, the spectators are spread out over the whole route, where as in Sefton Park most seemed to be congregated by the start at the Palm House and at the Eros statue.  Many followed alongside the parade and others walked behind it.


You can view my videos/photos from today on my YouTube channel. The video is also at the top of this post. To view just the photos go to  my Flickr  site. Today’s Liverpool International Carnival follows on from last week’s Brazilica Samba Carnival in the city, and next week the city hosts Liverpool Pride so I hope to video that as well – making the treble of parades in three successive Saturdays.


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