Tuesday 11 July 2017 – Cunard’s “Queen Elizabeth” cruise liner at Liverpool

Screenshot_2Cunard’s cruise liner Queen Elizabeth is in Liverpool today and, as is the case with all Cunard’s liners when they visit the city, she is getting an extra special welcome – and farewell this evening when a fireworks display will mark her departure.  Cunard began in Liverpool in the 1840s and the city was their headquarters until the 1960s when they relocated to Southampton.  The Cunard Building at Liverpool’s waterfront still stands proud as a glorious reminder of the city’s maritime heritage.  It was from and through Liverpool, and largely on board Cunard liners, that millions of people have passed on their way to the United States and elsewhere.  The moving of Cunard to Southampton was perhaps a reflection of the decline of Liverpool and the rise of the Channel ports, but the city has never forgotten its role in the Cunard story.  It is partly because of this that people so enjoy and look forward to seeing Cunard liners visit the city, which they have been doing on a regular basis since the city built a cruise liner terminal ten years ago.


In 2015, the Queen Elizabeth was joined in the River Mersey by Cunard’s liners Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria  celebrate the 175th anniversary of Cunard – with the celebrations fittingly focused on Liverpool, the company’s home for over 120 of those years.  The event drew hundreds of thousands to the city and the shoreline stretching along both sides of the river.  The occasional return of Cunard liners therefore continue to have resonance in the city.


Above: The Three Queens in the River Mersey, 25 May 2015 and Cunard Building, 18 September 2016. (more photos by me of the Three Queens  and photos by my brother)


Above/below: MS Queen Elizabeth at Liverpool today.


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Above: the Queen Elizabeth at Liverpool. Photo from Wirralcam.org.