Wednesday 14 June 2017 – “Daniel Adamson” steam tug under steam in Liverpool’s Albert & Canning Half-Tide docks

While walking through the Albert Dock complex in Liverpool this morning on my way to photograph the cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse at the Pier Head, I had the rare opportunity to see the Jesse Hartley Bridge that separates Albert Dock from the Canning Half-Tide Dock being opened to allow a vessel to pass through.  Obviously it opens everytime a vessel needs to come and go from Albert Dock, but it is unusual to actually catch it happening.  The vessel today was the steam tug Daniel Adamson which is frequently here in Liverpool.  I’m not sure where she was off to today, but I checked the Maritime Traffice positioning website and later in the day she was in the Manchester Ship Canal, which connects the River Mersey to Manchester.  I took some videos (above) of her passing through into the Canning Half-Tide Dock where she berthed up – presumably waiting for high tide so she could then leave into the River Mersey.  You can also watch the raw footage of her today on my YouTube channel.



I didn’t take any photos of her today, only video. The photos in this post I screen-captured from those videos