Sunday 14 May 2017 – “Aida Vita” cruise ship at Liverpool Cruise Liner Terminal

This afternoon I decided to go and photograph and video the Aida Vita cruise ship which was berthed for the day at the Liverpool Cruise Liner Terminal. The vessel has been in Liverpool before, and I’ve photographed her before. To get some different photos and videos I decided to photograph her from Woodside then from the Mersey Ferry, enabling me to get some close up shots – such as the one above. You can view my videos/photos on my YouTube channel, or just the photos on Flickr. The Aida Vita is one of my favourite cruise ships to visit Liverpool with its colourful design.


Operated by AIDA Cruises, the Aida Vita is identical to her sister ship Aida Aura. She was completed in 2002, is nearly 43,000 gross tonnage,  665.52ft in length and 92.19ft in width. She can travel at 21 knots and can accommodate 1,266 passengers and 426 crew. Originally using London as her port of registry, the Aida Vidais now registered in Genoa, Italy.


On my way to Woodside I also took some photos of Hamilton Square, the Town Hall, Cenotaph and railway station.  You can view my photos on YouTube or Flickr.  The video is also at the top of this post. Also at Woodside I took some photos and videos of two old trams which are operated by the Merseyside Transport Trust and run from Woodside Ferry Terminal to their museum.  You can view the photos/videos on YouTube or the photos on Flickr.