Saturday 6 May 2017 – Steam On The Dock 2017 at Liverpool’s Albert Dock & the “Giant Wheel” at New Brighton


This weekend sees the return to Liverpool of the Steam On The Dock event at the Albert Dock, which features all things steam – including steam trains, barges, trucks and engines. I went to see the event last year and this year’s featured pretty much the same things with a little variation – even the same guy was walking around dressed as a pirate and the same two street entertainers were working the crowd. Nevertheless I had an enjoyable wander around the Albert Dock this lunchtime taking photos and videos, which can be found on my Flickr site (photos) and YouTube channel – where I have put a video of just the photos (this video is also below) and a video of just the videos. (this video is at the top of this post)


After hearing that the “Giant Wheel” ferris wheel in New Brighton was being dismantled tomorrow, I went back out this evening to photograph and video it before it disappears. I had thought it was going to be there all summer  but, according to the Liverpool Echo, its planning permission expires tomorrow and hasn’t been renewed – so bye bye  big wheel. It may return later in the summer if the owner’s re-apply for planning permission but for now today was my last chance to photograph it.  I also took some photos of the Fort Perch Rock and Perch Rock Lighthouse. The wheel is located in front of the fort. You can view the photos and videos on my YouTube channel (also below) or just the photos on Flickr.