Sunday 9 April 2017 – Neglecting my blog because of health problems

It has been a month since I last posted to my blog or to Donald Dump News. My last posts were made after being released from hospital where I’d been admitted with pneumonia in February. Unfortunately, in March I was back in hospital following a  heart attack and I was only released on Friday after three weeks in the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. It has been a difficult few weeks and posting to my blog has naturally been the last thing on my mind. Not posting to Donald Dump News in particular has been frustrating as President Trump is never out of the news and there is always something to write about him on my blog.


I am now home and slowly recovering from the heart attack, which my doctors say I was lucky to survive!  It will be a long haul to regain my strength as much as my damaged heart will allow. I hope to be blogging again very soon.