Monday 6 February 2017 – Queen Elizabeth II marks her sapphire anniversary after 65 years on the throne

On 6th February 1952, the father of the Queen, King George VI died. On the moment of his death, the young Princess Elizabeth, then just 25, became Queen Elizabeth II.  Some 65 years later and today she is still Queen, having become the first British monarch in history to reach a sapphire anniversary.  In 2015 the Queen surpassed Queen Victoria’s reign to become the longest-serving British monarch.  Although she is scaling down the royal duties now that she is in her tenth decade, she remains the Queen and will likely do so until she dies. She has always said that she will honour the pledge she gave upon becoming Queen that she would do so for as long as she lived, whether that be a long or short life. She has been blessed with a long life, as was her mother who lived to be 101, so she seems to have also been blessed with good genes – not to mention having access to the best of everything that maintains her healthy lifestyle. Now 90, it is not inconceivable that she too will live to be 100.  The photo above was reissued today to mark the occasion. It was taken by David Bailey and shows the Queen wearing sapphires that were given to her by her father on her wedding in 1947. The Queen and Prince Philip will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary in November.


I have put a photo animation on YouTube  (top of this post) showing a photograph from each of the Queen’s 65 years on the throne.