Thursday 5 January 2017 – MV Boudicca cruise ship at Liverpool and Liverpool’s Parish Church of Our Lady & St. Nicholas

This is my first post of 2017 so a big happy new year to all.  Today saw the first visit this year to Liverpool by a cruise liner, in this case the regular visitor to the city’s Cruise Liner Terminal  – MV Boudicca of the Fred Olsen Line.  Despite being a freezing day it was sunny and bright so I decided to go and photograph and video the vessel, although I have done so before for the Boudicca.  According to the Cruise Liner Terminal schedule for 2017 the next cruise ship to visit Liverpool won’t be until the 19th March, followed by a few more until the end of May when the summer season starts in earnest. For a history of the Boudicca and all its specifications visit the Wiki page for the vessel. I didn’t take many photos of the Boudicca, focusing on video.  Nevertheless you can see the photos on my Flickr site and, as always, the videos/photos are on my YouTube channel. The video is also above. Previous photos I’ve taken of the Boudicca are also on my Flickr site: 1 July 2016 and 6 June 2016. Previous videos of the Boudicca are on my YouTube channel: 1 July 2016.


Despite the cold, after seeing the Boudicca I decided to walk the short distance to the Liverpool Parish Church of Our Lady & St Nicholas – on which site there has been a church for over 600 years.  The current church’s bell tower was constructed in 1811-15, replacing an earlier one that collapsed in 1810  killing 25 people including a class of schoolgirls. The body of the church was rebuilt after the Second World War during which it had been destroyed by bombing in 1940. The new church was consecrated in 1952. Now in the heart of the commercial and business district of Liverpool, the site of the church was once on the waterfront of the River Mersey until the land was reclaimed, pushing the church inland by several hundred feet. I have filmed the church before, but on a poor quality camera so took the opportunity today to get some better quality footage of this wonderful church. You can read more about the church on the church’s official  website. You can view my photos on my Flickr site or the videos/photos on YouTube. The video is also below.