Saturday 24 December 2016 – My grandfather would have been 100 today!


My maternal grandfather, James Hughes, was born on Sunday 24 December 1916. Today he would have been celebrating his centenary. Sadly my grandfather died in December 1988 just a week before his 72nd birthday. The photos above show him on his wedding day, in the back yard of his home at 85 Fountain Street, Birkenhead around 1942, and with his only daughter, my mother, Pat Nulty who is holding my brother Brian. Again this photo was at 85 Fountain Street, where he lived from around 1942 until July 1988. The photos below show him with my mother at 85 Fountain Street in 1977 and with his wife Winnie and me on Fountain Street on the day of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in June 1977. This is the only photo I have of me with either of my grandparents. My nan died in February 1978 aged just 60.


Below is a video of some old family photos, including those in this post, from 1913-1983.  Also viewable on YouTube. The image you see below is me (right) and my brother, Brian, in 1967. It is the oldest photo I have of the two of us together.  It was taken by a travelling photographer at our grandparents home at 85 Fountain Street, Birkenhead.