Thursday 22 December 2016 – Brother wishing me a merry zombie Christmas.

zombie wrapping paper

Today I had lunch with my brother in Birkenhead. Being three days before Christmas he gave me my Christmas presents – which all have a zombie theme. To add to my collection of zombie movies he gave me another three DVDs to add to the around 90 zombie movies I have. The three were Zombie Honeymoon, Zombies At Christmas, and Wrestlers Vs Zombies. He also gave me a very funny Penguin Ladybird book called The Zombie Apocalypse, which parodies Ladybird’s own books which are aimed at children and are (or at least were when I was a child in the 1970s)  synonymous with school life for many children in the UK. Brian also gave me a large book by Jamie Russell on the history of zombies in cinema called Book Of The Dead – The Complete History Of Zombie Cinema. Even the wrapping paper he used for my presents was a special personalised zombie-themed paper he bought on Amazon. I guess I’ll be having a zombie Christmas this year! You can view the covers of all my zombie DVDs, and now books, on my YouTube channel. (also below)

warriors vs zombieszombie honeymoonzombies at christmas

ladybird bookzombie bok

While with my brother, he captured a picture of me which shows that my “I am your father” Star Wars T-shirt reads quite differently when partially covered by my coat.


Me and my brother, Brian Nulty, at Woodside with the River Mersey and Liverpool in the background