Saturday 26 November 2016 – A fog-bound Albert Dock and Pier Head & Liverpool Christmas Market after dark

Around noon today I went to the Albert Dock and Pier Head to take advantage of the thick fog that had descended on Liverpool overnight in order to capture some photos and video. Many years ago, around about 1984, I captured the Liver Birds on top of the Liver Building in Liverpool from the Mersey Ferry in mid-river. It was peering out of a dense fog that obliterated the entire building except for one of the two Liver Birds which peered out of the gloom. This was my all-time favourite photo but sadly I have long since lost it. Ever since I have hoped to recapture the moment, but have failed to do so and today was no different. The Liver Building was almost completely obscured from more than about 30 feet away and when close enough to make it out, it was shrouded in a white haze that didn’t capture well in the photo below. Nevertheless, the fog allowed me to capture some nice photos, including the sun’s light diffused – making it look larger – over Salthouse Dock in the picture above.


Above: a tall-ship in Canning Half-Tide Dock, the Liver Building, and the sun peeking through the fog from Mann Island


Above: The Port Authority Building and The Beatles Statue, both at the Pier Head

Later today I nipped to St Geroge’s Plateau on Lime Street to take some photos of the Liverpool Christmas Market after dark.




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