Monday 14 November 2016 – Liverpool’s St Johns Market reopens after rebuild

St John’s Market has been closed for a few months while it undergoes a complete rebuild on the existing site. Today it reopened after the multi-million rebuild.  I had a wander around this morning with my camera. The market is now on two floors instead of one, although the upper level was still not completed in time for today’s reopening. It has a clean, modern feel to it but still has a sense of a labyrinth – at least on the lower level – with corridors here and there which is reminiscent of the previous market which could be difficult to navigate around.  The upper level from what I could see today doesn’t seem to have this problem, with stalls laid out simply around a balcony overlooking the lower level.  Traders were anxious for the market to reopen in time for Christmas shopping, yet today only a few of the stalls were actually occupied and open for business. No doubt the market will soon be bustling again as traders move back in.  The previous market had many unoccupied stalls – whether due to the economic situation or simply, I feel, because the labyrinth nature of the old market made some stalls difficult to rent as they were tucked away in a little-used part of the market. Hopefully the new market will see less empty stalls. First impressions I had today were positive in the main – a little less white might have been more to my taste.

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Watch the video I took today (from which these photos are taken) on my YouTube Channel. The video is also at the top of this post. You can watch a video, made by Paul Frost, walking around the new market on his YouTube Channel. Watch a video, again by Paul Frost, of Ken Dodd reopening the market.