Sunday 13 November 2016 – Remembrance Sunday at Liverpool Cenotaph

This morning I went into Liverpool city centre to watch the Remembrance Day service and to film and photograph the events, in particular to get footage of the veterans and regimental march-pasts and the poppies and tributes left at the Cenotaph and in nearby St John’s Gardens.  I filmed the regimental march-pasts last year  but the quality was bad as my video camera was rubbish. This year I was able to get much better footage.  There was a large crowd gathered on Lime Street and St George’s Plateau – on which the Cenotaph is located next to St George’s Hall.  There was the usual religious service and an opera singer performing a couple of songs. The two-minute’s silence at 11am was marked at the beginning and end by a salvo from an artillery gun situated nearby on Islington next to the Steble Fountain and Wellington Monument. The two-minute’s silence was observed immaculately by the crowd. Following the service, the regimental and veteran march-pasts paraded out of St George’s Plateau and along Lime Street and into the city centre.


Above: Some of the many memorials in St John’s Gardens

After I’d filmed the march-pasts I went home, only to come back not long after to capture some photos and footage of the Cenotaph and St John’s Gardens. I would have waited after the march-pasts earlier on but you couldn’t get near the Cenotaph right away so I decided to come back. When I got back into town I  wandered around St John’s Gardens photographing the various memorials to regiments, battles and wars in the gardens. Having done this I timed walking round to the Cenotaph  perfectly for just as I was back on St George’s Plateau the first of some Orange Lodge marches was arriving at the Cenotaph. Different Lodges marched from different parts of the city to converge on the Cenotaph to perform their own Remembrance service. I filmed them and also got photos and film of the poppies and tributes around the Cenotaph itself.


Above: An Orange Lodge band arrives at the Cenotaph, and poppies on the Cenotaph


Above: The Cenotaph and St George’s Hall, and statue of the Earl of Beaconsfield beneath a “We Will Remember” banner

I have put my photos and videos from today on Flickr and YouTube. You can view the video of the veterans and regimental march-pasts HERE, (or at the top of this post), or the Orange Lodge videos HERE. (also above) You can view all the other photos and videos I took at the Cenotaph and in St John’s Gardens on YouTube HERE, or below, or just the photos on Flickr HERE.