Tuesday 6 September 2016 – Demolition of Lime Street in Liverpool continues into its second week


The demolition of a section of the southern part of Lime Street has been going on for the last couple of weeks  or so as plans for redevelopment have got under way. Demolition began after a legal challenge to prevent the demolition of the former Futurist cinema failed. The council quickly sent in the demolition crew and the facade of the cinema – Liverpool’s oldest purpose-built cinema – was torn down within hours to stifle any further legal challenges.

The demolition work then seemed to stop – the initial aim being to simply prevent the legal campaign to save the Futurist.  Then a week or so later the demolition in earnest began of the remaining parts of the Futurist, which I captured on video and put on  Youtube. Neighbouring buildings then began to be demolished. Eventually all the buildings on the section of Lime Street between Skelhorne Street and Copperas Hill will be demolished –  except for the two listed pubs on either end of this part of Lime Street – The Crown and The Vines.


Map from Google Maps

When in the area over the last week I have been filming the continuing demolition.  The video linked to above was taken on the the 30th August. I have also taken video on three other occasions. On Friday I even managed to get some footage of workmen saving the fixtures from the frontages of the two Irish pubs, the Shamrock and the Irish American Bar. These included an approximately 6ft high replica of the Statue of Liberty that stood above the entrance of the Irish American Bar.  You can see the videos via the links below, which include links to photos on my Flick site.  I will update this post if I add any more photos or videos to the ones already taken.

Once the demolition is complete a two-year process of “redevelopment” will begin with the building of a hotel, shops and more student accommodation. If you want to see the demolition in much more detail there is no better choice than going to the YouTube channel of Paul Frost, who has been uploading long videos of each day of the demolition.