Wednesday 31 August 2016 – Manchester Pride 2016

For the first time since 2007 I went to Manchester on Saturday to watch the Pride Parade. It was a last minute decision, only made the day before. I got a train from Lime Street Station in Liverpool with Gareth Williams, Mario Kyriacou and Tony Stewart. We got off at Oxford Road in Manchester and walked through to Princess Street where we bagged a spot to view the parade – the same spot that I watched the Parade from back in 2007, again with Gareth Williams and others  from the Armistead Centre in Liverpool.  Gareth sits on the same window-sill high off the ground each time he goes and he did so again this year. I remained on the ground and kept my spot next to the railings in order to get a good view of the Parade. Gareth, Mario and Tony were staying in Manchester after the Parade to go to the “gay village” around Canal Street but I wasn’t doing that this time. So after the Parade I parted from the others and walked through to Piccadilly station and got a train back to Liverpool.  I didn’t take many photos (some are included here), concentrating on videoing the Parade itself. The videos are on You Tube (Music Version (also at top of this post) / Original Audio Version also at the bottom of this post). The original audio version is pretty poor sound quality, which is why I have also included a version to music.  I also took some video on the train going to Manchester, also on YouTube. (below)


Above: Mario Kyriacou, Gareth Williams & Me at Lime Street, Me on the train to Manchester, and Me & Gareth at Manchester Pride 2007

DSCN2199 - CopyDSCN2207160

Above: Mario & Gareth on a Princess Street window-sill, and Me in the “gay village” at Manchester Pride 2007

Below: Gareth, Mario & Tony Stewart



Above: Me with Gareth on the train to Manchester and on Princess Street with Kevin, Dave & Steve (photos by Mario Kyriacou)