Monday 1 August 2016 – Up to 10,000 turn out in the rain to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak in Liverpool


I went to St George’s Plateau on Lime Street this evening to hear the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn address a rally after he’d make a speech in the comfort of the nearby Adelphi Hotel. (see that speech on YouTube and watch his rally speech on YouTube – the video is also below and is by Imajsa Claimant).  So many were turning up to see and hear him that the police were forced to close Lime Street as crowds spilled out of St George’s Plateau filling every space available to listen to and cheer on and show support for the leader of the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn is facing a challenge to his leadership from Owen Smith. Smith was in Liverpool on Saturday and could only manage to attract around 300 to his “rally” – despite there being free ice cream on offer. That fact was not lost on some in the crowd this evening.


Several speakers took to the platform – on top of a fire engine – before Jeremy spoke. These included a nurse who gave a rousing speech and the Walton MP Steve Rotherham (below) – a convert to Corbynism following his voting for Andy Burnham in last September’s leadership election that saw Corbyn come to the leadership after thirty-plus years on Labour’s backbenches. By the time Rotherham took to the platform, the crowd was getting restless to hear the man they had come to see and his reception when he finally took to the platform  was incredible.


Corbyn’s speech was a rallying cry not for his leadership but for the Socialist principles he believes in and passionately believes should be at the heart of everything the Labour Party stands for. After the speech was over, the crowd chanted “Corbyn” and cheered as he left the platform and disappeared back inside St George’s Hall.  The vast crowds began to disperse, heartened by his speech and sure in the belief that come the leadership election, Owen Smith doesn’t stand a chance against Jeremy Corbyn.


Above: Jeremy reads a poem by Liverpool poet Roger McGough and films the crowd after his speech. Below: crowds disperse along Lime Street