Saturday 30 July 2016 – Another fantastic Liverpool Pride – the biggest yet!

Today saw the 7th annual Liverpool Pride parade through the city centre. It surpassed the previous six parades for size, colour and noise – with giant carnival-style figures, drum bands and more participants than ever before. Leading the parade was the Lord Mayor and the family of Michael Causer. He was murdered in Liverpool in 2008 for simply being gay. The Liverpool Pride was begun in part to commemorate his death and is held each year around the anniversary of his death on 2nd August 2008.  Michael was 18 when he was brutally killed and dumped in the street in an attempt by his killer and accomplice to hide their involvement. His killer is now serving a life sentence and his accomplice was given a suspended sentence.

DSCN149313872695_10207225327696138_3667217122540372575_n DSCN1623

Me (right) with Gareth Williams on St George’s Plateau (right-hand photo by Gareth Williams)  and a rainbow flag on St George’s Hall


Batala Mersey samba band and Michael Causer’s family lead the Parade through the city centre


Police horses on Lime Street and Graeme Lavery as Kenny Everett’s Cupid Stunt character walking with Sahir House on Victoria Street


Friends Lisa Wilkinson and Will Arnold in St Johns Gardens and a samba dancer on St George’s Plateau


You can view all my photos on my FLICKR site, or my videos on my YOUTUBE Channel. The video is also at the top of this post. You can view my photos from today as a PHOTO ANIMATION on YouTube. This video is also below. Visit the Michael Causer Foundation website. To view all my other photos from Liverpool and Manchester Prides since 2007, see my COLLECTION on Flickr. Alternate videos of Liverpool Pride 2016 can be found on the YouTube channels of Samba Cats, Bob Edwards, Liverpool Old & New, James Stephens, Diversity & Equality University of Liverpool, The Exclusive Channel, Crazy Fish and Paul Frost, who also posted a video on the Liverpool Family Day at Liverpool Pride 2016.