Thursday 14 July 2016 – Azamara Quest cruise ship at Liverpool


The Azamara Quest was in Liverpool for the day on a transit. The cruise ship, operated by Amazara Club Cruises since 2007 is approximately 181m long, 26m wide, has 11 decks and can carry nearly 700 passengers and a crew of 408. Like many other cruise ships she has operated under several names and owners since she was launched in 2000. Between 2000-2003 she was called R Seven and was operated by Renaissance Cruises. From 2003 to 2006 she was called Delphin Renaissance, and operated by Delphin Seereisen.  Between 2006-2007 she was the Blue Moon, operated by Pullmantur Cruises. She has been the Azamara Quest since 2007.