Monday 13 June 2016 – Liverpool remembers the victims of the Orlando Pulse gay club shootings


Following yesterday’s mass shooting in Orlando – the worst in the country’s long history of mass shootings – cities around the world have been lighting up buildings and holding vigils to honour the victims of the massacre and to make a statement to the law makers of the United States that something needs to be done to stop these regular occurrences of mass shootings.  As the shootings in Orlando were aimed at the LBGT community, buildings around the world have been lit up in the colours of the rainbow – the rainbow flag having become synonymous with the LGBT community and cause.  I have posted some photos from various online sources on my Flickr site of some of examples of memorials around the world.


Here in Liverpool, a candle-lit vigil was organised on St George’s Plateau on Lime Street, at which the city’s Mayor Joe Anderson addressed the audience.   This was then followed by the lighting up of the columns of St George’s Hall – which overlooks the Plateau – in the rainbow colours. This has become a bit of a tradition in recent times – most recently being lit up in the colours of the flags of France and Belgium after the terror attacks in their countries.  You can see all my photos from today on my Flickr site.