Friday 27 May 2016 – “Disney Magic” cruise liner in Liverpool (with update 16 June 2016)

Screenshot_1Screenshot_2The latest cruise liner to visit Liverpool’s Cruise Liner Terminal for the first time was the Disney Magic which arrived this morning for a day-long visit. I caught some photos of her as she was berthed at the Cruise Liner Terminal. The vessel will be one of many liners and other vessels visiting the city this summer – some of them visiting more than once.  Liverpool is growing in popularity for visits from various liners and it is great to see another debut vessel today.


It is hard to estimate how much revenue the liners bring to the city, but they do generate money for the local economy as the passengers disembark to roam the city – whether it’s to explore the locations connected with The Beatles, to shop in the designer shops of Liverpool One or simply to grab something to eat in the city before returning to the ship to continue on their cruise.  Liverpool, it seems, is popular with many people around the world who look forward to stopping off in the city.


I’ve put some photographs on the Disney Magic on my Flickr site.  There are also photographs of various other ships to visit Liverpool on my Flickr site, just look for the collection “Cunard & other shipping related.”


Whatever their reasons for enjoying a visit to Liverpool, when they disembark at the Cruise Liner Terminal at Liverpool’s Pier Head they can enjoy some magnificent architecture, statues and, of course, the River Mersey.  The most visible and famous buildings at the Pier Head are “The Three Graces” or the Royal Liver Building (above left), Cunard Building (above centre) and the Port Authority Building (Dock Building) (above right). The Cunard Building was until the 1960s the home of the Cunard shipping company, which was established in the city in 1840. Celebrations took place in the city last year to mark the company’s 175th anniversary including a visit to the city by “The Three Queens”- the Cunard liners Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria.  Other buildings at the Pier Head include the Museum of Liverpool and the Ferry Terminal Building, which contains a Beatles-themed store. From there you can also take a world-famous ferry across the Mersey – a ferry service that has been operating for over 800 years.


A recent addition to the Pier Head is a statue of The Beatles, which shows the Fab Four in a walking pose heading towards the River with “The Three Graces” behind them. The statue was unveiled in December and is  proving extremely popular as a photo-opportunity for tourists and locals alike. There are other statues to be found of The Beatles in the city, including in Matthew Street (“The Birthplace of The Beatles”), on the facade of the Hard Day’s Night Hotel on North John Street and a hedge-statue at Liverpool South Parkway rail and bus terminus (although sadly it has been vandalised).


Behind the Pier Head lies the road The Strand, on which you can find many fine buildings – both modern and old – including the Tower Buildings (currently hidden by scaffolding) and two iconic Liverpool buildings: the Parish Church of St Nicholas (above left) and the Titanic Hotel (above right). The former is today setback from the River but was once on the shores of the Mersey before much of the land now occupied by The Strand, Pier Head and docks were reclaimed.  The church is surrounded by modern buildings, including the Mercure Hotel (shown above) – which until recently was called the Atlantic Tower.  The TItanic Hotel now occupies what was once the headquarters of the White Star Line – owners of The Titanic. The building today looks magnificent on the junction of James Street and The Strand and the city is lucky to still have this wonderful architectural landmark for the building was heavily damaged and gutted during the Second World War.


The two sculptures above are often overlooked by the visitor. They are tucked away in the external wall of the side of the Queensway Mersey Tunnel Ventilation building (itself a wonderful architectural joy considering its functional use. The statues are called “Day” and “Night”.  To find them simply go round the back of the Dock Building and they are across the road.


All photos in this blog entry are mine and were taken today. Click HERE for a Liverpool Echo article/video on the “Disney Magic” leaving Liverpool this evening.




Update: Thursday 16 June 2016


The “Disney Magic” was back in Liverpool this past weekend, giving me a second opportunity to photograph the liner – and this time after dark. She sailed from Liverpool at around 10.30pm to a spectacular firework display – the culmination of a day of events around the Pier Head to welcome the liner to the city. It is quite remarkable the response the liners get when they visit Liverpool. As my brother pointed out when I was telling him about it this week, their presence in Liverpool is still seen as new and novel and therefore attract interest and even celebration. Of course, cruise liners were once a fixture of the Liverpool waterfront with Cunard and White Star shipping companies once operating out of Liverpool. Those days ended in the 1960s when the city’s maritime role faded into near nothingness with the decline in the docks, sea trade and the moving away of the big shipping companies – most notably Cunard who left the city it was founded in 1840 for Southampton (below is a photo of the Cunard Building at Liverpool’s Pier Head, once the home of the Cunard Shipping Line)


The building of the Cruise Liner Terminal in recent years and the determination of the City Council to encourage the return of regular cruise liner visits has not only given Liverpool back some of the past glory that these magnificent vessels bring, but is generating  a much-needed  boost to the local economy as thousands of passengers descend on the city’s shops, restaurants and tourist attractions. The “Disney Magic” in Liverpool on Sunday was no exception and long may they continue to visit our great city.


The next cruise liner visiting Liverpool with be the Caribbean Princess on the 18th. Beyond that, there are many more over the next few months. They are:


* Wednesday 29 Jun 2016 – Caribbean Princess (Princess)
* Friday 01 Jul 2016 – Boudicca (Fred Olsen)
* Saturday 02 Jul 2016 – Queen Elizabeth (Cunard)
* Wednesday 13 Jul 2016 – Braemar (Fred Olsen)
* Thursday 14 Jul 2016 – Quest (Azamara)
* Monday 18 Jul 2016 – Silhouette (Celebrity)
* Friday 22 Jul 2016 – Amadea (Phoenix Reisen)
* Saturday 23 Jul 2016 – Caribbean Princess (Princess)
* Wednesday 27 Jul 2016 – Crystal Symphony (Crystal)
* Wednesday 27 Jul 2016 – Europa 2 (Hapag Lloyd)
* Thursday 11 Aug 2016 – Silhouette (Celebrity)
* Friday 12 Aug 2016 – Marina (Oceania/Prestige)
* Saturday 13 Aug 2016 – Braemar (Fred Olsen)
* Sunday 14 Aug 2016 – Boudicca (Fred Olsen)
* Monday 15 Aug 2016 – Seabourn Quest (Seabourn)
* Tuesday 16 Aug 2016 – Caribbean Princess (Princess)
* Thursday 18 Aug 2016 – Europa (Hapag Lloyd)
*  Saturday 20 Aug 2016 – Aida Vita (Aida)
* Sunday 21 Aug 2016 – Seven Seas Voyager (Regent)
* Monday 22 Aug 2016 – Artania (Phoenix Reisen)
* Saturday 27 Aug 2016 – Marco Polo (CMV)
* Sunday 28 Aug 2016 – Caribbean Princess (Princess)
* Monday 29 Aug 2016 – Boudicca (Fred Olsen)
* Saturday 03 Sep 2016 – Aida Vita (Aida)
* Tuesday 06 Sep 2016 – Boudicca (Fred Olsen)
* Friday 16 Sep 2016 – Nautica (Oceania/Prestige)
* Thursday 22 Sep 2016 – Boudicca (Fred Olsen)
* Saturday 24 Sep 2016 – Marco Polo (CMV)
* Friday 30 Sep 2016 – Boudicca (Fred Olsen)
* Monday 03 Oct 2016 – Marco Polo (CMV)
* Saturday 08 Oct 2016 – Boudicca (Fred Olsen)
* Saturday 15 Oct 2016 – Marco Polo (CMV)
* Monday 07 Nov 2016 – Boudicca (Fred Olsen)
* Sunday 20 Nov 2016 – Boudicca (Fred Olsen)
* Sunday 11 Dec 2016 – Boudicca (Fred Olsen)
* Thursday 15 Dec 2016 – Boudicca (Fred Olsen)
* Sunday 18 Dec 2016 – Boudicca (Fred Olsen)
* Tuesday 27 Dec 2016 – Black Watch (Fred Olsen)


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My photos of the “Disney Magic” on Sunday (Flickr):


A photo animation of the above photos (YouTube): – video also above


My video of the firework display on Sunday (YouTube): – video also below


Liverpool Cruise Liner Terminal schedule 2016: