Tuesday 22 March 2016 – Brussels Terror Attacks


More terrorist attacks in Europe today, this time in the capital of the European Union – Brussels, Belgium.  The suicide bombers attacked the airport and metro system. Latest reports from the BBC suggest 34 have been killed. The Islamic State have claimed responsibility.  I really don’t want to talk much about the attacks, except to say that the one thing that has stuck out for me today is that these terrorists were hiding out, probably in Belgium, planning their attacks despite the massive police and security services operations that have been going on in Belgium and France since the Paris attacks on 13 November last year.  It seems that the terror cell has remained undetected while all this was happening. The fact that a terror cell can remain hidden in the heart of Europe, even during the biggest anti-terror operation in the country’s history, is truly disturbing.


Some are suggesting today’s attacks are a revenge attack for the arrest of Salah Abdeslam last week. He was wanted in connection with last November’s Paris attacks. He too was hiding out in Belgium, from where he and others had planned the Paris attacks. Brussels really does have a problem. Not only does it seem to be a safe haven for terror cells, but per capita it has the highest number of people becoming radicalised and leaving the country to join Islamic State. It seems unlikely, however, that today’s attacks could be a direct revenge attack. The cell responsible for today would have required more time to prepare than the three days since Abdeslam was arrested. It is more likely that they were a completely independent cell. They may, however, have brought forward their attacks after Abdeslam’s arrest – fearing being detected.

I have put some videos about the attacks on my YouTube channel …. https://youtu.be/UFfVTXX0U2s?list=PLjqhuKjQtA96EXjZA7kuujZgRkSqcVP_G