Friday 15 January 2016 – David Cameron’s embarrassing “tribute” to David Bowie


I came across the picture above online yesterday. At first I thought it was a joke, that someone had photoshopped the picture. But no, It is real and was posted on Twitter  by David Cameron himself! Quite pathetic and deeply embarrassing.  I guess he thought he would look “cool” by paying a “tribute” to the Ziggy Stardust singer who died on Sunday aged 69.  Instead he just looks like a  prat.  What Cameron could possibly have in common with Bowie to feel an affinity with him  is hard to understand.  I imagine he enjoyed the songs on a superficial level – nice tune, great melody, etc, but what he understand about their meaning beyond that or what he understood about Bowie’s philosophy who knows?  In an additional post on Twitter, also on the 10 January, Cameron said that “I grew up listening to and watching the pop genius David Bowie. He was a master of re-invention, who kept getting it right. A huge loss.”  I don’t know what Bowie’s politics were but I can’t imagine he would have thought much of David Cameron. The makeup Cameron is wearing is based on Bowie’s famous look pictured below, which featured on his album: “Aladdin Sane”.


As you can imagine David Bowie fans, on Twitter and other social media sites, reacted with venom to the post by Cameron. Some examples of the reaction on Twitter were featured in an article in The Huffington Post: 


* Atletico Belgrano (@VivaLaBelgrano) posted “Name a song you melt.”


* Clare Deegan (@TheLazyGirlBlog) said “seriously, fuck off Dave. He represented everything you are not. Don’t try and earn kudos from a legend mate. Jesus.”


* While Bob Inapples (@Binapples) thought “Bowie would puke if he read this,”


* and Callum (@callumhalpin_) thought Bowie would “hate you you prick.”


* Trojan Horse, posting under the name @Trojanhorseuk, had a message for Cameron: “Don’t presume you’re still allowed to engage with popular culture when you’re so determined to destroy people who make it.”


*  Meanwhile, the Socialist Party of Great Britain (@OfficialSPGB) posted a surreal image of “Davey Cameron” with a pork pie as his head and the phrase “davey cameron is a pie.”


* While Angry Exile (@AngryExile) was to the point: “Duck off, Fishface”


David Cameron, who in an interview after Bowie’s death, described himself as a “Ziggy Stardust” fan and called Bowie a “genius”, must have known that posting the image would get these reactions. It is truly embarrassing when out-of-touch politicians attempt to look as if they are trendy, cool, with it – whatever you want to call it. This is particularly so for posh, privately-educated twats like Cameron who have no concept of what real life and popular culture is for most people in Britain.



The comedian Mark Steel, writing in The Independent, in an article entitled “Go on then, Dave. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues,” mocked the Prime Minister’s and other‘s attempts to be in the popular culture moment: “Then David Cameron made his statement about being in ‘deep mourning’ for someone was was a ‘master of reinvention’, which certainly makes sense because the first thing that comes to mind whenever you see David Cameron is: ‘I bet he’s devoted to David Bowie’.”  Mark Steel pointed out that Cameron has never mentioned Bowie in any interview, didn’t choose  any of his records on Desert Island Discs and didn’t mention him in his autobiography. Steel joked that politicians may have an affinity with Bowie as the singer was famous for rejecting the commercially successful and doing the opposite – which would be initially derided only to become popular and successful.  Steel suggested: “Because if there’s one trait in modern politics, it’s adopting a principle and sticking to it, even if commentators say this might not be popular.”


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