Friday 18 September 2015: Labour’s right-wing’s fear of a purge

The success of Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Party leadership election, and the promotion of left-wingers such as John McDonnell and Diane Abbott into the Shadow Cabinet,  has led some right-wing members of the Parliamentary Labour Party to be concerned for their future.

They fear that an attempt will be made to purge them from thee Party through pushing compulsory re-selection of Labour’ MPs into the Party’s constitution. They have been encouraged that this may now prove difficult after the election of two moderates to the influential Conference Arrangements Committee.  Gloria De Piero and Michael Cashman saw off challenges for positions on the Committee by Corbynites Jon Lansman and Katy Clark.

The significance of the election of Cashman and De Piero is that the Committee can veto any attempt to bring a motion before the Party’s Conference for a vote. Both Cashman and De Piero are likely to oppose any attempt to bring a motion for mandatory re-selection before the Conference.

The election went almost unnoticed, coming on the same day as Corbyn’s dramatic victory. It could, however, take on great significance at the Party’s Annual Conference in a few weeks’ time.